How do I create an Image Gallery Asset in the CMS?

The Image Gallery Asset is a great way to display multiple images on your page. When dropped into the Banner region on a page, this Asset will appear as an image slider whereby the first five images in the gallery will cycle through in a slider at the top of the page.

The Image Gallery Asset can also be dropped into the Main Content region on a page. In this case, the images will appear as a thumbnail gallery and if users click on an image in this gallery it will pop out as a slideshow. You may display over 100 images this way. If you would like to display a large number of images, think about creating multiple Image Gallery Assets, perhaps organized by date, topic, or theme.

While you are creating your Asset please refer to the following help documents: Preparing an Image for the Web.

Creating an Image Gallery Asset

  1. Log in to the CMS by navigating to a page on your website and clicking the Direct Edit link.
  2. Click Content then Assets.

  3. Click New. 

  4. Select Image Gallery.

  5. You will be taken to a new Asset form.

  6. Under Asset Info please provide a name for your Asset.
  7. Under Access Settings, you need to further limit accessibility by selecting your website as the user group for the Asset.
  8. Under Gallery Options you will be able to set your image parameters. The thumbnail size will determine how big your images appear in the gallery. Consider using a size between 150 and 200. Also, if your images vary between rectangular and square, consider cropping the images manually before using them in the Asset or use the crop feature on the form.

  9. When you have finished entering this information, click Create in order to upload your images.

  10. Click Add to upload your images.

  11. Browse and upload the images stored on your computer.
  12. Provide the necessary image details.

  13. Click Create.

  14. In order to use the Asset once it has been created, remember to Publish!

If you need to edit the Asset later on please visit How do I edit an Asset?.

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