Getting Started with Your Watermark Faculty Success Web Profile

Step 1: Preview Your Profile Page

Visit your department's new Watermark Faculty Success directory page and preview your faculty profile page by clicking on the appropriate directory item.  Look for items that are out of date, incorrect, or missing. 

  • Consult the example profile here first to view a fully fleshed-out sample profile.  This page will also illustrate the connections between data in your profile page and the category / screen location / field it is being drawn from within Faculty Success itself.
  • You may also view the example directory presentation here - it details where each item in your directory listing comes from in Watermark.


Step 2: Update Your Watermark Faculty Success Information

Log in to the Watermark Faculty Success system and make any necessary changes.

  • The Web Profile screen (under the General Information category) can be used to exercise full control over which activities are displayed on your faculty profile page.
  • If the Web Profile screen is not utilized, our system will pull the latest 5-10 items under each category in chronological order.

Remember, profile pages are automatically updated every night (our system connects with Watermark and refreshes profiles with the most current data).  Any changes you make within Faculty Success won’t be visible in your profile or directory until the next day (unless you manually refresh it). 

(view the help document on the Web Profile screen in Faculty Success


Step 3:  Upload a Portrait Photo

From the Web Profile screen, click the link labeled “Manage Your Web Profile Photo” near the top of the page; you will be asked to log in with your netID and password.  Follow the instructions to upload, crop, and save a new portrait image, which will be displayed in both the directory listing and the profile page itself. 

Note:  Our system cannot use photos that have previously been uploaded directly to Watermark Faculty Success within the Personal & Contact Information screen.  Use the Web Profile screen instead.

(view the help document on uploading photos here)


How to Get Help:

There are a few ways to find answers to your questions:

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