How do I control the information shown on my faculty profile or directory page?

From the Watermark Faculty Success system, select the Web Profile screen under the General Information section.  The Web Profile screen gives you the ability to curate the following activities displayed on your web profile page:

  • Publications / Intellectual Contributions (select up to 10)
  • Artistic / Creative Activities (select up to 10)
  • Grants & Sponsored Research (up to 5)
  • Awards / Honors (up to 5)
  • Engagement, Outreach, Service (up to 10)
  • Degrees (up to 5)

Note: Any categories that are left blank will be automatically pulled in chronological order by our system.

In addition to customizing activities shown, you can also add the following information:

When you've finished with your updates, don't forget to Save your work.  Remember that changes you make within Activity Insight will not be reflected in your directory / profile page until the next day.


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